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Monday, April 25, 2011

Soda Stream Review

We are, admittedly, a soda family. Mr. Freckleberry is a grape soda kind of guy, and I teeter between Diet Dr. Pepper and Coke Zero. However, we always (and I mean ALWAYS) run out before our next grocery trip, and I know that I absolutely hate to buy more soda. You've got to lug it underneath your basket, then you've got to haul it out to your car, then haul it to your fridge. Then, it takes up practically my entire bottom shelf! Not only that, but we live in the boonies and don't have trash service, meaning we have to burn anything we "waste". While I do my best to keep everything separated for recycling, I know that there's been cans tossed into the burn pile. Cans. Hate 'em.

I learned about Soda Stream through a fellow blogger, and was instantly intrigued. You mean I can make 12 litres of soda for as low as $4.99?! That's incredible value, folks, and virtually no waste. NO cans to separate, no recycling center trips. Just great soda for a screaming low price.

Here's how Soda Stream works: Fill your bottle with a litre of water. Then, you carbonate it using the Soda Stream. I've got to say, this is a neat thing to watch! You can choose how "fizzy" you'd like your drink to be, as well! After carbonation, you add whichever flavor of soda you'd like, and voila! You've got a custom made beverage!

Not only do they sell quite a few flavors of soda mix, but they also have fabulous energy drink mixes (think along the lines of Red Bull), Sparkling Tea, Sparkling Naturals, MyWater Essence Flavors, as well as many diet versions of their mixes. I was thrilled to unpack my box and see the Soda Stream Cola Free mix, which is comparable to Coke Zero! I am absolutely floored. This is without a doubt a better taste AND better value than buying canned soda from the market.

Mr. Freckleberry desperately wants to take it to work to have on his desk! It's just such a smart way to enjoy flavored water or soda and be environmentally conscious (as well as frugal!) at the same time. You can buy Soda Stream at many retailers nationwide! The model I received can be purchased for about $80. Each bottle of Soda Mix starts at $4.99, and it will make you 12 litres of soda.  Soda Stream also has an online store, stocked with tons of Soda Mix, carbonators, bottles, and more!

This product is just plain awesome. We've saved money, we've saved our backs, and we've helped reduce our waste output. All around, the Soda Stream earns an A+ from me!

Disclosure: The review above is my own words and honest opinion. I received a product in order to complete my review.


  1. Oh, I love our sodastream! I just bought some vanilla bean so we can make some homemade cream soda syrup.

  2. I LOVE my SodaStream too! I just recently learned how to make REAL soda...I was doing it wrong so my soda was turning out flat. :( But now, we have really yummy soda. This is such a great machine! :) Thanks for your review.

  3. Found your blog! I have never even heard of something like this! I am going to have to show my husband because we are a soda crazy family (I hate to admit it!). Thanks for the info!


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