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Friday, March 25, 2011

Look, Ma! New Blog Design!

I am so so SO tickled to announce the launch of my new blog design! My designer, Heather from Grey Bloom Designs and I have been working on it for weeks and weeks, and now it's all done! What do you think? I'm especially fond of the new logo, the Freckleberry Girl! I've also redone my Twitter to match the site a bit better. I loved my owls, but now I have a cohesive design that fits my name :).

Now that the blog design has launched, you know what that means---TONS of giveaways that I've been holding on to! Including...drumroll, please...

 A Kolcraft Contours Lite Stroller! 
This baby is awesome, and I can't wait to give one to a reader! 

Get those nimble giveaway fingers ready...there's even more to come! 


  1. Well holy moly that is a fab give away!! Hook me up! ha!
    I am a new follower... your blog looks great.. nothing like getting a fresh start!!

  2. New follower from Bee Friendly Blog Hop! Hope you can stop by and follow back :)

  3. I love it! I liked the owls too but you're right! this one fits better your blog..! =)


  4. we have that stroller. now, you better add that it rides and pushes like silky butter!!! lol. i mentioned that last night when we were at the mall with a bunch of our friends. i had a guy friend push for me because well, i wanted to shop! he said, "oh no. i hate strollers." i told him, "but no. literally, you cant even tell you're pushing this thing. its soo smooth!!"


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